Pressure Washing Coquitlam, FAQs - The Most Common of them All

Your home is your biggest investment.
Pressure Washing can enhance the beauty beauty of your home and it shouldn't be something that you put off but happily invest in. A home should not just be a place, it should be a Feeling.
1What do you include in a house power wash?
Your entire house is pressure washed from the top of the exterior gutters all the way down to the foundation of your home. When we come for a free estimate we will examine both the condition and build up of dirt, algae stains, rust stains, and any other markings including Moss on your walkways, chimneys walkouts, decks, patios, railings, brick pathways, driveways and advise you of our pricing, service and pressure washing plan all in order to create that great relaxing feeling of cleanliness around your home. On note to advise you upfront is that some gutters have “Tiger Stripes” that do lighten up during the clean - however may still be visible due to the years which the stains have pre-existed. Hand scrubbing these areas is an option as well at an additional charge.
2 How long does it take to pressure wash the front of my home the pathways the driveways and the back of the home?
Typically 1 full day is enough time to pressure wash the entire home, including the exterior gutters, walkways next, patios, and the driveway.
3 Am I required to be at home when the pressure washing use being done?
You're not required to be at home but certainly can be. If you're not able to be at home, the only 2 things that you need to worry about is that all the windows are closed and that the home exterior water source is turned on. We have the necessary ladders to reach all of the levels of your home, and telescopic pressure washing lines to reach those hard to get at places.
1 Do I need to worry about moving all of my furniture around or off of the deck before you come to do Pressure Washing?
Not to worry, we don't charge for moving around tables chairs your grill Planters, decorative items, however if there are larger bulkier items which need to be moved please let us know so that we can arrange our crew and figure out what the charges might be.
2What is included in a Deck Pressure Washing?
We remove all surface debris first, followed by dirt removal, and a deeper clean which involves Moss and algae stain removal. So the entire deck floor is included and 360 degree cleanings of the railings and the support posts are pressure washed.
3Are you able to Pressure Wash all types of decks?
We can pressure wash all types of decks including Southern yellow pine mahogany, pressurized wood, and patios of any covering. Some decks may have spots of non-removable black staining that simply need to be stained over with a solid stain.
4Does Pressure Washing remove the current stain that is on the deck, or do I need to have it Pressure Stripped?
Our Pressure washing process uses a solution that is biodegradable and very effective at removing ground in dirt, mold, moss, mildew, algae, dust etc. We hand-apply a deck stripper to your deck when you want to break down the old stain completely. Following this we do a deep pressure wash to strip off the color and in preparation for the new staining. We don't do staining, however.
1I'm worried about my plants and pets would they be harmed by any of the solutions that you use During pressure washing?
Our cleaning solutions are totally safe because they are 100% biodegradable which means they are totally safe for all pets, plants, and humans. No plants, animals, humans, or property have ever been damaged during the time that we have rendered our services.

If there's something that we haven't covered...

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